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Batmaloo residents demand macadamisation of road

Post by on Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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Srinagar, 13 June: Residents of the Batamaloo area in Srinagar on Monday expressed resentment against the authorities for failing to provide better road connectivity to the residents of this area.
A delegation of residents told Rising Kashmir that the road from Baka Masjid Batmaloo up to Diyar Wani road is full of potholes, due to which people of this area are facing immense hardships.
They said, during rainy days, it becomes difficult for residents to step out of their homes as these potholes are get water logged.
"Cab and auto drivers most of the time restrict their moment on this road, stating their vehicles are getting damaged due to dilapidated conditions." Residents said the issue was brought under the notice of the concerned department several times but to no avail.
According to a senior resident, Mohammad Abdullah, the road has not been macadamized for many years.He said that the school-going children and patients suffer a lot. 
He continued, "We are hopeful that authorities will keep this stretch under consideration and will macadamize it." However, no attention is being paid to the stretch.
They also claimed the road was macadamized a long time back, but it got damaged due to heavy motorable movements as heavy vehicles choose this road to reach their destination in a short time.
The department has also issued a tender in April this year, but the work has not been executed by the authorities.
The people in this locality have urged the authorities to execute the work on this stretch early so that they won't suffer any hardships.
Meanwhile, the local corporator, Shaffat Gaffar, said his work is to give the plan to the government that he has submitted to them. He added that due to a lack of funds, the work has not been executed.He also stated that work on this stretch would begin soon.
The Executive Engineer for City Roads wasn't available for the comment.

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