Avoiding aggressive eating habits during Iftari
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Avoiding aggressive eating habits during Iftari

Post by on Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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•        Drinking large amounts of water at Iftar time -- filling the stomach with water is more strenuous to it than with food. So one should have a few sips of water during Iftar. Later, a glass full of water every two hours is recommended.
•        Drinking Roohafza on a daily basis --it contains high amounts of added sugars, preservatives, and food colors. So one should consume it twice a week if required.
•        Chewing and swallowing food quickly--increases unhealthy weight gain and slows down the digestion process. So one should chew food slowly -- that will speed up digestion and help in maintaining a healthy weight.
•        Intake of sweets/desserts soon after Iftar -- leaves you feeling drowsy and sleepy. So one should wait for two hours of having an Iftar meal to stay fresh and awake for Isha Prayers.
•        Exercising directly after Iftar -- adverse effects on blood flow as it is concentrated around the stomach during Iftar. So to ease digestion, one should work out after two hours of intake.
•        Cooking methods like deep frying with excessive use of oil should be avoided. Instead, healthy cooking methods like shallow frying, steaming, grilling or baking should be adopted to help retain the taste and original flavor of the food.

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