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Avoid using single-use plastic products: MC Kulgam to shopkeepers, locals

Post by on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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Kulgam, August 01: Municipal Council (MC) Kulgam on Monday urged people and shopkeepers to stop using single-use plastic products in the district.
President of MC Kulgam, Muneeb Ahmad Zargar, during a press conference, said that since single-use plastic is non-biodegradable, it can have a negative impact on generations to come. “We should avoid its use and call upon the government to ban the primary source of polythene and other single-use plastic products."
 He said that MC Kulgam, with the support of the Forest, Pollution Department, Trade Federation, Civil Society, and Medical Association of Kulgam, has started a war against single-use plastics in the town.
“We pledge today not to allow our society to get polluted with polythenes and the leftover junk food packets. We are going tough against the erring shopkeepers for not adhering to orders regarding the single-use plastic,” he said.
 “I am sure that the inhabitants of Kulgam will cooperate with us and say no to plastic use,” MC President said.
“Plastic se Azadi” campaign has also been initiated to make the town clean and green, he said.

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