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Attar remains scent of choice for men

Post by on Saturday, July 9, 2022

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As the demand for attar rose in Kashmir markets ahead of Eid-ul-Adha, it has remained the choicest sent used by men on Eids. 
Mohammad Abbas, a shopkeeper outside Ranger Masjid Srinagar told Rising Kashmir that the trend of attar jumps almost 60-70 percent as compared to previous years.
“We have a huge variety of attar in our shop as everyone uses attar irrespective of religion. Buyay-e-Haram, Classic Oud, Ude Kansas, Arabic Aattar, Gulab, chameli, Nargis and musk attar are on-demand this Eid,” he said.
“We generate good income from this and people from several districts visit our shop to buy attar. People prefer imported attars this Eid,” Abbas said. “A100ml bottle of branded foreign perfume would cost Rs 3,000 or more and a 36 ml bottle of attar will be around Rs 700.”
Mohammad Arif, a local from Anantnag who is a regular buyer of attar said that Abbas’s shop has a huge variety of fragrances. The attar is alcohol-free and hence we use it in good quantity during the Eid days, he said.
Mohammad Ali Khan, who sells Attar at Lal Chowk said Attar is more popular among the regular perfumes as they are oil-based while most foreign perfumes are alcohol-based.
“People also tend to buy perfumes along with their new dresses. Men, women, and children use attars for special occasion,” he said.
Khan says most people purchase attars, particularly during the Eid season so they could smell pleasant when they hug each other. These can be expensive or pocket friendly, depending on their quality, he said.
 “We have faced trouble in the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, we are happy now that customers are showing interest in purchasing attar," Khan added.
Peerzada Tahamul, a customer near a makeshift shop in Lal Chowk said attar is stronger and more durable, while alcohol-based perfumes don’t last very long.
“The alcohol-based perfumes evaporate easily, but that’s not the case with oil-based attars, fragrances of which linger for days,” he said.
“I buys a new bottle of attar, just as we buy new clothes every Eid, it’s a part of our festivity,” he said.
Jehangir Hassan, who is selling Attar and Perfumes at Goni Khan market says white Oud and Mukhalat attar is the most preferred fragrances this Eid. 
He says the attar bottles priced between Rs 150 to Rs 500 are sold according to the weights and bottles that are chosen by clients. He said people come from different places to buy attar here. We are witnessing good sales this year.
“Arabic perfumes, such as Mugallat-e-Sultan, Muqallat-Al-Arab, Al-Jawahera, Muqallat-Al-Shams, Hijaar, continue to be in demand. Some of which are combinations of saffron and sandal,” he added.
Attar has been popularly used and loved fragrance for centuries.  It is extracted from flower petals, herbs, and spices.This natural perfume oil is distilled in water using low heat and pressure.

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