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At 62, Vaishno Devi revives Reasi dying art of Chabhari and Bina

Post by on Wednesday, April 6, 2022

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Srinagar, April 05: Hailing from Kheral Malair and Saloon village in Reasi, Vaishno Devi, a 62-year-old woman has revived the traditional craft of making wild grass products like Chabhari and Bina.
She has also trained several girls from nearby villages with the help of JKSRLM Reasi block Pouni.
National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), a poverty alleviation project implemented by the Ministry of Rural Development, the Government of India is focusing on promoting self-employment and organization of rural people, especially the poor. The basic idea behind this program is to organize the poor into Self Help Groups (SHGs) and make them capable of self-employment.
In Jammu and Kashmir, this programme is being operated as the Jammu-Kashmir State Rural livelihood Mission (JKSRLM).
Chabhari and Bina are made of wild grass and palm leaves. Chabhari is a traditional tray or container that is used to store and serve things on, to guests and family members.
The traditional culture was fading but with the help of Vaishno Devi who is a master in this art and with the help of JKRLM she realised her potential.
On being asked about how she learned this art, she said “When I was a child my mother used to make these things. I learnt from her and used to make these products at home and I usually used it for giving gifts to my relatives”.
“With the help of the JKSRLM scheme “UMEED” I recognised my talent when they visited our village.
They liked my products because it is related to our old culture and they give me platform to make these products and especially with the help of Anita ji who is the cluster coordinator of “Naari Ki Pechann”.
Anita who is the Cluster coordinator of “Naari ki Pechann '' Block pouni Reasi', said, “Our BPM manager said we should find an old culture of our Reasi district. So when I visited the field and I saw a number of women making different things, but when I saw Vaishno Desi’s made Chabhari and Bina, I was highly impressed.  I showed products to our Block Manager Jugul Kishore Sharma and he also liked it.”
Later these products were sold at exhibitions in Jammu, Srinagar, and in Delhi as well. Now ,we take orders online and we sell these products in the US, Delhi, Canada and many other places, says Anita.
“Vaishno Ji is also a member of Nari Ki Pechann Cluster level Federation in which 1500 ladies come under this cluster” added Anita
Vaishno is also a trainer at Kheral Malair and trained several girls and monthly she received 2000 per training\ per month from Assistant Director Handicraft Reasi under Karkhandhar Scheme which launched on 24 August 2021.
Under this scheme karkhandar in which Vaishno Devi is providing 10 artisan skill up-gradation training
While talking to District Nodal Manager Reasi, Jugal Kishore Sharma, he said “now more ladies are coming in this field and he also said Anita Devi managed everything as cluster coordinator”.
Vaishno also said she feels proud because she is training other ladies and in the process earning her livelihood.

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