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APSC chairman alleges financial irregularities in previous GPCs, demands audit

Post by on Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Srinagar, June 29: All Party Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) chairman Jagmohan Singh Raina Wednesday alleged that financial irregularities were carried out by some members of the previous GurdwaraPrabandhak Committee's (GPCs).
In a statement, Raina said that once an audit is conducted the picture would come to the fore and people would come to know as to who has carried out such financial irregularities.
“I congratulate all those who were either elected through polls or got selected in different Prabandhak Committees across Jammu & Kashmir. The people of the community have reposed their faith and support on the newly elected GPC members so that the management of different Gurdwaras of localities and historical ones is carried out in a noble and professional manner,” said Raina.
The APSCC chairman said that it is the prime duty of newly elected representatives of the community to obey rules and regulations under the Gurdwara Endowment Act. He said that many financial irregularities have taken place in the past and people had approached the concerned Deputy Commissioners for redressal of the same.
“The people at helm in the administration for the reasons best known to them did not act on such complaints. Since the issue revolves around public donation and offerings it is imperative that thorough probe is carried out in the functioning of the previous GPCs. It is due to this reason we demand a proper audit of all the former GPCs,” said Raina.
The APSCC chairman while extending gratitude to the Jammu & Kashmir administration for successful conduct of the elections said that it is the duty of the government to ensure that rules and regulations pertaining to Gurdwara Endowment Act are implemented in letter and spirit. He appealed to all the elected GPC members to rise above politics and try their best in coming up to the expectations of the community members.

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