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Approved 2-years back, DH Bandipora awaits CT scan machine

Post by on Monday, May 30, 2022

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Bandipora May, 29: Government District Hospital in north Kashmir's Bandipora is awaiting installation of the CT scan machine which was approved by the government two years ago. 
Doctors on the conditions of anonymity told Rising Kashmir that due to absence of CT scan machine, the patients in the district are suffering immensely. They said the medicos are compelled to refer emergency and trauma patients to city hospitals which sometimes take heavy toll on the lives of patients. 
They said during emergencies, it becomes difficult for us to ascertain the severity of injury due to absence of CT scan machine.
An official document available with Rising Kashmir states the Director, Health Services Kashmir, had requested the Medical Superintendent (MS) Bandipora to keep the space ready with regard to installation of CT scan-128 slice in the institution under languishing project 2020.
However, two years have gone by but the machine has not been installed nor any equipment has been brought to hospital yet. 
Mohd Barkat, husband of a cancer patient told Rising Kashmir that people of Bandipora had hopes that installation of new equipment in the hospital will provide succor to patients and their attendants however their joy was short lived. 
“We hope that the government will take steps to provide the required machinery so that the poor will be able to get tests done at reasonable rates in hospital”, he said. 
Meanwhile, Medical Superintendent District Hospital Bandipora Dr Sheikh Mushtaq while admitting that installation of CT scan machine was delayed, told Rising Kashmir that though the machine was approved in 2020 but some departmental processes took it for long.
However he added, “The hospital administration has identified space in the hospital for CT scan equipment, which will be made available in coming months”.

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