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Apni Party holds women’s convention at Jammu

We are for enhancing marriage assistance up to 1 Lakh rupees, 33 percent reservations for women in govt services: Altaf Bukhari

Post by on Monday, July 4, 2022

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Jammu, July 03: Apni Party (AP) President Syed Mohammad AltafBukhari Sunday said that Apni Party is committed to ensure social, educational, economical, and political empowerment of J&K women.
He assured the Apni Party will make every effort to fulfil its promise.
According to a party statement, Bukhari was addressing the womens’ convention in the Digiana area of Jammu.
The convention, which was attended by a number of local women, workers, and functionaries of the party’s women's wing, was organized by the senior leader of AP’s women’s wing PavneetKour, the statement said.
Syed Mohammad AltafBukhari while addressing the gathering reiterated the fact that Apni Party was launched on March 8, in 2020, which was coincidently International Women's Day.
“The day Apni Party was established was world women’s day. Then and there, we made a commitment to the people that the Apni Party will not discriminate on the basis of gender. We are committed to ensuring equal rights and the same opportunities for every citizen of the Union Territory (UT) of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.
“Unfortunately, the politics of the traditional political parties in J&K has thrived on religious divisions, regional divisions, or on the division on the basis of communities. But, the Apni Party has come to the fore to erase all these divisions. We believe that every soul on this land should get equal opportunities irrespective of his or her religious belief, geographical identity, and even political ideology. Opportunities should reach everyone in J&K,” Bukhari added.
He further said that since the women folk on our part of the land have always been deprived of their rights and the opportunities, it is our duty to ensure all rights to the women citizens of J&K are given to them.
Bukhari also promised that if the Apni Party comes to power in Jammu and Kashmir, it will enhance the marriage assistance for the women up to One Lakh rupees from the existing assistance of Rs 50,000; and widows pension from existing RS 1000 up to Rs 5000 each beneficiary. He also said that if the Apni Party is given an opportunity to serve its government it would ensure 33 percent female reservation in J&K’s Government services.
Syed AltafBukhari said that the Apni Party believes in equal opportunities for people in every section of society.
“In the contemporary world, no human society can progress until it gives due rights to its womenfolk. Our women have been deprived of their social and economical security and even a dignified life. This is the key reason that many people in our part of the world feel sad when they give birth to a daughter, or when they are about to see off their daughters at the time of their marriage. The parents know that since women do not have any social and economic security in our society, thus they are always vulnerable to social injustice. But, we have to change the scenario for the better now. I promise you that we will ensure this change in favor of our daughters and sisters,” he said.
Assuring that the Apni Party has a clear-cut plan to make sure that J&K’s women folk are socially, educationally, economically, and politically empowered, he said, “Apni Party has a strong will and a clear cut agenda for the upliftment of the J&K women. We will ensure that they are given every right that the constitution of the country bestows them with. Even, we are for enhancing their reservation share for the assembly and the parliament.
 Syed Bukhari said that the Apni Party, if comes to power, would provide 500 units of electricity free to the consumers of Jammu in the summers and 300 units in the winters. While in the Valley, 500 units of electricity would be given free in winters and 300 units in summers. Also, we, if in government, will give 4 gas cylinders free to every household annually.
“Our focus would be the prosperity of every single soul of Jammu and Kashmir, which has been grappling with political uncertainty, violence, bloodshed, poverty, rising unemployment, growing inflation, and so on for quite a long time. J&K people deserve a better life, and a promising future, which the Apni Party is committed to working for. We promise a better future to the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” Bukhari said.

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