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Anantnag: Single vendor for production of HSRPs unable able to meet demand, vehicle owners aghast

Post by on Saturday, July 9, 2022

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Anantnag, July 08: As the traffic police department has intensified checking and seizure of vehicles without High Security Registration Plates (HSRP), the vehicle owners are finding it difficult to replace the plain or old number plates as only one firm is producing the HSRPs and is unable to meet the demand.
Many car owners held a protest demonstration on Thursday at Bijbehara as they claim that they are yet to receive the HSRPs for which they have applied more than a month ago.
They said that they have been penalised multiple times by the traffic cops for not having HSRPs on their vehicle. The fault, they say lies, with the vendors and number plate providers. 
"The people involved with the issuance of these HSRP plates have been indulging in dillydallying tactics since past two months now. Last week, I came thrice to their office to receive my number plate but every time they give one or the other excuse.” said a vehicle owner, Nazir Ahmed Sofi. 
He said that on Thursday they simply closed the office and there was no one to address the issue. “I am a businessman, I have to close my shop every time I come here to collect the number plate of my car," he added
The protesting vehicle owners while talking to Rising Kashmir said they welcome the government's directive to switch completely to HSRPs which is beneficial for the car owners, however, the authorities should have roped in enough vendors to cater with the huge.
"The government has fixed a rate of Rs 410 as charges for a pair of HSRP number plates but it costs us Rs 6000 to Rs8000 as we have been fined multiple times by traffic cops for not having HSRP plates,” says Shabir Ahmed Malik, another vehicle owner.
“I was fined Rs 2000 for not having a HSRP fixed on my car on May 9, that very day I applied for one such number plate and despite over a dozen trips to this vendor at Bijbehara, I am yet to receive it. Since May 9, I have been fined thrice for the same reason as the traffic cops do not entertain or consider the payment receipt of HSRP plate, instead they tear it apart and repeatedly challan us, “he added.
He said that before coming up with such an order the government should have checked if they have the resources to issue number plates to so many applicants in a short span of time. “Every day there is huge crowds here who have been coming for months to get their number plates but have to return empty handed. It is a wastage of money and time only,” rued Malik. 
However, ARTO Anantnag, Mohammad Zubair said they have been putting efforts to put details about old vehicles from manual to digital records. “With the result, the demand for the output of production of HSRP plates has increased manifold which is not their domain as the private firm, Real Mazon, is authorised to produce and issue these plates.” 
"Anantnag district is a very populous district and we have been working tirelessly day and night to put around 27000 vehicles of this district on digital record from Manual. It has resulted into a huge demand for the production of HSRP number plates which is the job of a private vendor, Real Mazon, who has been awarded the contract for this,” he said.
 He said that it is a case of high demand versus low supply. “From our side we installed an embossing machine at this vendor's unit in order to cater with the increasing demand. I do not have any authority to increase the vendors for producing HSRP number plates and it's their job to increase the manpower and ease out the situation.”
I have spoken to the state manager of this firm who has promised to increase the manpower so that the production increases, the ARTO said. 

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