“An emancipate soul”
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“An emancipate soul”

Post by on Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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Women need to come out of their den

They are sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.

God is with her she will never fall

She will unfurl her wings and won’t stop at all


She is a muse of her own

A melody synced with tornadoes 

Blessing for the whole community 

Facing hopes and challenges of the society  


You might not love her but you will have to respect her

She fabricates the future inside her womb

She nurtures the ambitions of the society 

She deserves to be loved with the power of self-love


You will never be able to put her down 

After all the strain her face is still lit up and not even a single frown 

She is the queen she has earned the crown.

Are you still hoping that she should have drowned?


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