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Altaf Bukhari thanks PM Modi, HM for clarification that no outsider included in voter lists

Inaugurates Apni Party’s election office at Janipur

Post by on Sunday, August 21, 2022

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Jammu, Aug 20: Apni Party (AP) president Syed Mohammed AltafBukhari Saturday thanked Prime Minister NarendraModi and Union Home Minister for the issuance of prompt clarification that no voter from outside J&K has been included in the electoral list, but the youth of J&K who had attained the age of 18-years were added in the electoral rolls.
According to a party statement, while addressing a public gathering at Janipur following the inauguration of election office of Apni Party during a programme organized by Spokesperson of the Party and senior advocate, Nirmal Singh Kotwal, AltafBukhari said that the opening of the election office in Jammu North shows the serious approach of Party leaders in Jammu including Rural and Urban Presidents who work tirelessly for the strengthening of the Party and they have taken initiative with the support from Jammu’s leadership.
On this occasion, many people, especially advocates joined Apni Party and prominent among those include Retired Joint Registrar, Govt Medical College,  Jammu, SardarMoti Singh, AdvAdvAnuParshar, Adv Sachin Razdan, AdvManpreet Singh, AdvNabeenDutt, Adv Amit Manhas, AdvAkshay Gupta, AdvAmardeep and others, the statement said.
AltafBukhari welcomed them into the party, and hoped that their joining would strengthen the Party.
Referring to the controversy on voting rights to outsiders, he expressed shock at how an attempt as a part of a conspiracy was made to fuel the peaceful situation of Jammu and Kashmir.
Lauding the immediate response of the Government of India, he said, “Apni Party immediately reacted to the conspiracy. We held a press conference and appealed to the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister which compelled the GoI to issue a clarification that no outsider has been added in the electoral rolls, but the eligible youth from J&K who have attained the age of 18-years were added in the election list.”
 “Jammu people stood up like a rock for their Kashmiri brothers. Jammu is a symbol of humanity and secularism when the whole of Kashmir was burning,” he said.
He further said that, “When Kashmiri people were suspected due to militancy in Kashmir, Jammu’s Dogras did not discriminate against them. They always were treated like brothers. Kashmiri Pandits were displaced from Kashmir and they too came to Jammu like Muslim families and Jammu became their second home. Similarly, the families from parts of Doda, Bhaderwah, Kishtwar, and other places migrated to Jammu and were similarly welcomed by the Dogras.”
“I acknowledge that Jammu has shown its big heart towards the people who faced trouble at their native places, but were given a peaceful and protected atmosphere by the Dogras,” he said.
While referring to the emerging political situation due to which people are suffering in J&K, he said that, “I am not a professional politician but a simple fellow citizen of the country like others. However, we want to work for the welfare of the people. We get good wishes from the people by addressing their basic issues like electricity, drinking water facility etc., as it gives us satisfaction.”
He said, “These traditional political parties have put J&K on boil by widening rifts among the people on the name of religion, region, and other reasons. But they did nothing for the welfare of the people. BJP’s claim about development is hollow and misleading. Hence, they are issuing advice to strengthen their false claim which does not exist on the ground.”
He said that, “BJP has snatched our 200 years old identity and downgraded it into a small tiny Union Territory by dividing it into two UTs. What right did they have to create division in J&K? If revoking of Art 370 and Art 35A was in the agenda of BJP, can you tell us whose agenda was implemented by downgrading the historic state of Dogras. Which are those powers whom you want to please by downgrading J&K? Are they from outside? Whether this type of treatment is being done with the J&K which is considered the crown of the country?
However, following the unimaginable incident of August 5, 2019 when the entire J&K was put under restrictions, we came out for the sake of the public as no one was ready to raise the voice of the general masses, he added.
He said, “March 31, 2020, in the first setback to the people of J&K, this BJP opened jobs for the rest of the country and reserved 4th class for the youth of J&K. A candidate from Bihar applied for the job in J&K High Court and we were the first to come forward and oppose the move compelling the central Govt to take back the decision and reserve jobs for the people of J&K within 24 hours although we were not given a mandate by the people. We highlighted public issues because we work for the welfare of the people.”
The Apni Party struggled and forced the government  to ensure reservation of jobs and land for the local residents which was also protected in Art 370 and Art 35A.
“Our people have given supreme sacrifices in Rajouri, Suchetgarh, Uri Karnah, RS Pura, Kathua and Samba for the country. You cannot teach us nationalism which is in our hearts. Our sacrifices are incomparable still you snatched our special status to fulfill your political ambition. For how long, you will continue to postpone elections. We know BJP, Congress Party, NC and PDP are hands in glove with each other to keep the assembly elections postponed as the situation is not suitable for them. However, the Apni Party and AltafBukhari will continue to fight for the rights of the people. We represent the general masses without discrimination.
Meanwhile, he said that J&K is facing a major threat from drugs and asked the people to come out against the drug addiction. He also condemned the innocent people in Kashmir.

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