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Aiming to portray untold, untouched Kashmiri stories: Atul Aggarwal

Post by on Sunday, September 26, 2021

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The film about Kashmir would not be a rhetorical drama but a blend of true love tales and historical events that have never been touched before, says filmmaker Atul Aggarwal, who is now filming his web series Kashmir-Enigma of Paradise in the Valley.
According to him, the series will weave several small stories together to make a greater story of Kashmir that has never been shown before on TV.
"Kashmir is full of inspiring and heartbreaking stories, but few people are aware of them. Through this series, I took the initiative to bring such stories to the public attention," he says.
He claims that the web series would have historical references dating back to 1920, when the region was governed by Maharaja Hari Singh.
“His character is also significantly featured in the series. It will also focus on the lovely state and the stories that surround the people who live there,” he says.
The filmmaker arrived in Kashmir with a 200-person crew to film this project, recently. He intends to stay here for over 120 days.
“I am quite enthusiastic about this project and am looking forward to getting started,” he says.
“Kashmir is considered as India's heaven, and numerous films have been created using Kashmir as the backdrop in the past.”
He stated that the first season of the programme will consist of ten episodes, 45-minute each. It will cover 100 years of Kashmir's history, beginning from 1920.
The crew would stay in Kashmir for about four months to complete their project, he explained.
Rajniesh Duggal and Akanksha Puri play the key parts in the series, which boasts an interesting star cast. Inaamulhaq, Sajad Delafrooz, Ihana Dhillon, Delbar Arya, Mahesh Balraj, and Abhijeet Jasrotia are among the other cast members.
Top Bollywood actors such as Naseer-ud-Din Shah, Paresh Rawal, and Urvashi Rutela are slated to film scenes in Kashmir for the series.
Rajniesh Duggal and Akansha Puri star as characters depicting an interfaith love story set in 1967. The love narrative is around Parmeshwari, a Kashmiri Pandit woman, and Ghulam Rasool, a Kashmiri Muslim guy.
Parmeshwari worked as a salesperson at Srinagar's Apna Bazar, which is run by the government. After converting to Islam and changing her name to Parveen Akhtar, she married her Muslim coworker Ghulam Rasool in 1967. The love marriage sparked a controversy in the former state.
The story is significant in light of the recent controversies surrounding ecumenical love stories, which have enabled several right-wing groups to invoke a love jihad perspective. Unlike the prior case, Parmeshwari and Rasool's story ended happily.
More than a half a century later, the story turns into an interesting story for the filmmaker. 
In this situation, the director further stated that he wants to portray love, not love jihad. Aggarwal says the love story is one of many stories that will make the web series worth watching. “Every story is strong and real depicting love and longing,” he says.
There are various war and fighting sequences in the series, including one concerning the Kabaili attack in 1947, which will be directed by Sunil Rodridgues.
Under the company One India Movie Entertainment, Rakesh Patel, Rakesh Lahoti, Kaushal Patel, Sanjay Dutta, and Himanshu bhai Shah are producing the web series. 
Lead actors speaks 
“It's my dream to shoot in Kashmir as the story has been written with a lot of research and dedication,” says Rajniesh Duggal, who is playing a character of Ghulam Rasool, a Muslim man who is marrying a Kashmiri Pandit women, Parmeshwari.
“The character I am playing provides a catalyst to the whole series which takes the film to a series level,” he says.
His co-star, Akansha Puri, who is playing the charterer of Parmeshwari says that she feels great to visit Kashmir again for shoot
“Earlier I came to Kashmir to shoot a song. Now, I am again here and this time I have lots many things to explore,” she says.
She says the character she is playing has an appeal and the story is also very strong. “As an actor, this character has a huge potential to become a center point because of the emotions and strength associated with it,” she says.
Both of them agreed that the film portrays 100 years of Kashmir and important events that happened during those years.
“The web series will tell the tale of Kashmir and the changes it witnessed. It will also show some small events that made a big difference in the story of Kashmir,” says Puri.

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