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After parents, there is a role for religious clerics in curbing drug menace in society: Grand Mufti, Nasir Ul Islam
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After parents, there is a role for religious clerics in curbing drug menace in society: Grand Mufti, Nasir Ul Islam

Post by on Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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Rising Kashmir’s City correspondent Saba Khantalked with Grand Mufti Nasir Ul Islam who is the president of the Jammu & Kashmir personal law board regarding the rise of drugs in the valley. Here is what the grand mufti has to say.

Drug addiction among the younger generation is on the rise. How do you see it?

The rise of drug addiction is because we don’t have good parenting. Parents show negligence towards their children. Our youth are educated but still unemployed due to a lack of resources. They become victims of depression and take drugs. Also, those young people who spend more time on the Internet become victims of depression, and the outcome is that they more often indulge in drugs.

The families are separating, having extramarital affairs, and the results come when their children take the wrong steps in terms of drugs and their future is destroyed.

Do you think drugs have an impact on marriages in terms of divorce?

Yes, the number of divorces has increased because of drugs. People have become addicted to drugs, and the outcome is that 70% of divorces have increased because of this addiction.

How do you see the parental role in it? 

Charity begins at home. Every beginning starts in their own house, and parents play a big role in their children's lives. They should look after them, provide an optimal environment, provide guidance and support, and positively motivate them. We should also look after their activities, where they go and what they do daily to save our children.

How can this problem be curbed and rooted out?

We should be very cautious about who the peddlers are and from where they are supplying the people who are supplying this poison. And we should create awareness. The police also do their duty but I think parents have the main role that can curb this menace in our society.  

 In this regard, The Jammu & Kashmir personal law board takes initiative for those who take drugs. We should also boycott them to keep them alone.

The main goal is to raise awareness about drugs and their dangers; I discuss this with Imamsand Molvis, and the results come when parents come forward and send their children to rehabilitation centres.

Being a religious head, do you think the valley's religious clerics should play their role?

Yes, after parents, there is a role for religious clerics, and they should play a major role in it. They should take steps to do counselling in masjid regarding this and create awareness.


No religion approves of drugs, and they are not affiliated with any religion, we all are human beings. Those who do this are evil, and the ratio increases from one to two, which leads to many, so we should boycott the people who do this to save our youth.

Do you think there is a need for surveillance at Mohalla level by local heads?

Those who are addicted to drugs are not hidden from the eyes of the people and our Mohalla heads should visit their homes and talk to their parents to save their children and also educate them that drugs will not only impact their children but will lead to disaster for others also. If they understand, then fine, if not, do a social boycott from their family.  

Your message to parents, and youth.

 The message is that drugs are the road to disaster. To save oneself is to perform salah, do durood Adkhar, and if anybody is having any problem, connect to your God and seek help.


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