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After many inventions, M.Tech student Mudasir turns entrepreneur to start ‘Aab’
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After many inventions, M.Tech student Mudasir turns entrepreneur to start ‘Aab’

Post by on Friday, July 30, 2021

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Srinagar, July28th: A toy-car made out of a big radio battery was the first thing Mir Mudasir created when he was in third standard. 
Since then he would keep innovating things from scrap. In 2005, he created a lift system at his home that would lift things from one place to another. Later he came up with many more things. 
An M.Tech student from Alasteng, Mudasir says, he was creative from childhood only. "Electronics would fascinate me. I would make something out of things lying unused."
After completing his diploma in civil engineering, Mudasir went to Maharashtra for B.Tech. Given his capabilities he was appointed as a guide for third-year electrical engineering students despite him being a second year student. 
"My college recognised my talent so they gave me a chance to guide students in one of their projects."
Once Mudasir came up with an idea of innovating the Kebab maker. He went to Gian Cell, NIF at Kashmir University but his concept didn't get the approval. 
"As they couldn't get my idea I felt discouraged and I left it."
When he came back home after finishing B.Tech due to Covid pandemic, he started preparing for a “Covid Innovation Challenge” organised by NIT, Srinagar. 
Mudasir was declared a runner up in this challenge for his “Covid Robot” idea. 
"This robot would help a patient in quarantine. It can check the patient’s pulse, give the patient medication, food and with its help doctors can even monitor the patient from a distance."
After finishing the project, Mudasir began working on a drone with a one kilometer range. However, his hopes were dashed when he did not get the permission for its trail from district administration. 
During lockdown when he had nothing to do, he felt distressed. 
"I had put my M.Tech on hold because I wanted to do something. I knew I had talent and I wanted to use that."
So one day while sitting at his home, when some construction work was going on, he thought of making a waterfall in the garden. 
"I did all the work myself. I researched about the fountains and waterfall and built one in a few days."
After this he did some more research and got to know that mostly Kashmiri's get it done from outside. So he thought of tapping the market. He named his start up as “Aab” or water, since he was dealing with water only. 
So he created an Instagram page, designed a catalogue, and made a website to take the leap. 
"I also designed a software which gives me a perfect calculation for building a waterfall. After this I got in touch with some national and international firms that make fountains and waterfalls and learnt about the technology they use."
When Mudasir started the work on the project, he got all the things done by himself to make sure everything was perfect. 
"I sat with Mason. Got moulds ready by directing him how to go about it and made sure everything is as per my plan."
Mudasir believes that being an engineering student helped him a lot in his start up. 
"I have worked as a trainee in the Qazigund- Banihal train project. There I learnt about geo textile and pvc technology. I employ the same in my start-up and I can build a waterfall anywhere, whether it is in interiors or exteriors."
He adds that he can build an exterior waterfall or fountain in three days while interior one takes him around two weeks. 
His fountain size can go from one foot to 10 feet and pricing depends upon many criteria. 
According to Mir, he has received a good response so far and wishes to take this start up to a next level. 
While talking about his future, Mudasir says he will always prefer to be self-employed because he cannot work under people. 
"It gives me satisfaction to help people and to provide employment to others. I can't waste my talent in a job."

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