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Adnan shah innovates for farmers & labourers

Post by on Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Adnan Ahmad Shah always wanted to do something better for the society.

When he observed various works done by the farmers and labourers to be risky and time consuming, he started finding the solutions. With time he marked his name among the youngest innovators of the valley.


Belonging to the Akingam area of Anantnag, Adnan has a number of innovations to his credit. Always wanting to do something better for the society, he did a number of innovations from an early age.


Born in 2001, he got an idea for his first innovation when he was in 10th standard. Currently he is pursuing his bachelor’s degree from Khanabal Boys College.


Watching the tiresome process of harvesting of fruits, he made a hassle-free process of picking apples and cherries which he called a fruit picker. 


A machine has a rod with an adjustable parachute pouch which avoids the damaging of fruits during picking. The pouch expands according to the load of fruits inside. It has a 360-degree movable load stand as well for extra load. 

The traditional method of fruit harvesting is done manually.


By the traditional method a person has to climb the tree to pick the fruit off from tree branches and collect in a fruit basket. Then the basket is handed over to another person on the ground.


Adnan said, “As I belong to Kashmir which is famous for apple and cherry production. I observed the traditional method is time consuming and is unsafe as well. The fruit picker will solve the problems caused by the conventional method.”


By using the fruit picker, a person simply has to move the picker around the fruit and pick all the apples into the picker pouch by simply pressing the lever at the handle of picker and unloads the pouch at the collecting site which saves a lot of time as compared to traditional methods.


The fruit picker is light in weight and has easy handling. This new designed picker has a unique feature that is load stand. Load stand is placed within the picker which holds the load and the user does not have to take any load on his hand. As per Adnan, this feature is not present in any picker available in the market.


The other unique feature, Adnan said, is the adjustable parachute pouch whose size can be altered according to the number of fruits inside. The pouch doesn’t cause any damage to the fruit.


Another innovation made by Adnan and his friend, Naik Qayoom, is the Portable Apple Grading Machine.


Adnan said that his two innovations- Apple Picker and Portable Apple Grading Machine have been accepted by National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad Gujarat. Currently Adnan is working on other innovations as well.


He has made a mini paddy threshing machine to avoid the tiresome job of paddy threshing. He said, “Conventionally, threshing is done with a wooden log which requires manpower. There are paddy threshing machines available in the market which are unaffordable. The machine made by me is affordable and portable.”


The machine has inlet container, paddy plant bundle holders, optional motor, manual rolling grip handle, rolling thresher and paddy outlet.


The paddy plant bundles are placed inside the inlet container and the bundles are tightened with paddy plant bundle holder and by optional motor the rolling thresher shaft starts to rotate which hits the paddy plant bundle and results in separation of paddy from plant bundles. The paddy seeds fall on the sloped outlet tray. The machine works on fuel, electricity and can be operated manually as well.


Adnan’s other innovation is Single Person Sand Siever. This machine is used for cleaning of the sand for construction purposes. In general, for sifting we require two laborers who cleans the sand with the help of a sand sieve.

The machine has a siever container mounted over a stand, which is filled with dusty sand. The container is closed and the person holds the siever handle grip to move the metallic net fitted in the container, in to and fro direction. The clean sand gets separated from dirt particles.


Apart from this, he has also made a walnut harvesting labor safety belt, modified patient wheelchair, easy and cheapest manual orchard land tiller and heavy marble sheet mover with heavy sheet lifter and carrier.


Talking about the walnut harvesting safety belt, he said that the idea came to his mind when he read a news report that 40 to 50 people lost their lives and many were injured during the process of harvesting.


He said, “The laborers belonging to the poor families risk their lives to earn their livelihood so I thought of coming up with something which can make the job easier and safer.”


The safety belt comprises body wear part and long hanging belt for safe movement. A user wears the safety belt before climbing a tall walnut tree and locks himself properly.


He said, “My innovations are mostly for the farmers and laborers community so that they can do work easily and be benefitted.”


He also said that it’s impossible to do something without someone’s support and guidance. “I want to thank my guide Shabir Ahmad Kuttey and innovator Mushtaq Ahmad Dar for their support,” he concluded. 


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