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Abhay Bakaya holds meeting with KP civil society

Discusses target killings, security threat to PM package employees in Kashmir

Post by on Tuesday, August 23, 2022

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Jammu, Aug 22: Apni Party Youth Wing state general secretary AbhayBakaya Monday demanded adequate security for the Kashmiri Pandits working under PM Package in Kashmir Valley as they are facing constant threat to their lives.
In a statement issued to the press, AbhayBakaya held a detailed meeting with the prominent members of civil society from Kashmiri Pandit community and leaders of Apni Party i.e., SomnathDhar, RoshanlalDhar, ChamanLalKaul, BansiLalJi and others.
During the threadbare discussion, he said that the members of civil society were seriously concerned about the security situation for the Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir.
“There is a need to provide security to the Kashmiri Pandit employees in Kashmir and they must be posted in safer and district headquarters under security cover,” he said.
He said that the recent killing of Sunil Kumarji justified the protest of KP employees regarding the security threat; their security concerns must be addressed by the Govt accordingly.
Meanwhile, SomnathDhar said that these people have met  Divisional Commissioner and DC and other Govt officials to highlight the concerns facing threat to their life in Kashmir valley but they were not responsive towards the concern this shows that Govt. Is it not serious about the concerns and problems faced by the KP’s? he said.
The prominent citizens were concerned over the recent killing of the Kashmiri Pandit in Kashmir and appealed for the end of senseless killings which has created a chaotic situation despite efforts for peace.
They said that the majority community is also facing the same threat in Kashmir and prayed for the restoration of the peaceful situation in the Valley.

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