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AAP steps-in for recognition, honour of teachers in JK

Post by on Friday, August 19, 2022

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Jammu, Aug 18: Recalling the statement as 'nation builders' coined for Teachers, AamAadmi Party in Jammu and Kashmir has stepped in for providing teachers their much needed rights asking Government to include special provisions to promote teaching profession, promotion and increment avenues of awardees.
While addressing a press conference, AAP leader Dr.Nawab Thursday said that our ancestors had coined the term 'nation builders' for teachers who are faces behind shaping the future of society and their role is always considered and will always be considered as most pivotal in inclusive development of society.
He said that teaching is one of the noble professions in the society but lack of proper promotion avenues, poor facilities in Government institutions, stagnation in seniority are some of the multiple factors that are prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir which are responsible for dissatisfaction among the teachers in Jammu and Kashmir who are struggling hard to get some of the basic issues redressed but unfortunately successive governments no much concern towards this Noble profession.
Dr.Nawab said that one of the main problems faced by teachers in Jammu and Kashmir is a poor promotion policy and stagnation in seniority due to which a number of employees hardly get a single promotion in their service for decades.
"Deployment of a teacher in other works like election duties, census duties, and immunization campaigns results in a situation where a teacher remains engaged in other works rather than teaching." Dr.Nawab further added.
He, while addressing this press conference, stated that no proper policy towards national awarded teachers in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the glaring examples that shows that successive Governments have done nothing for professional growth of teachers in Jammu and Kashmir.
He said that National awarded teachers should get special promotion, special increment and should be a role model in society but the teachers in Jammu and Kashmir who have been recognised for the services on national level are pushed to corner in their own Jammu and Kashmir.
AamAadmi Party further asked Jammu and Kashmir Government to bring a special provision of promotion, increment and other benefits for a national awardee teacher and to make him a role model in society so that confidence of other teachers is also restored and the glory of this Noble profession is maintained and every single teacher serving under tough conditions in Jammu and Kashmir feels confident and motivated.
AAP extends support to KP agitation
  AamAadmi Party's (AAP) senior leader MunishKaushik Thursday asked the government to give priority to innocent precious lives of Kashmiri Pandits who are facing a never expected fear situation in Kashmir valley in wake of recent killings.
AAP also extended its full support to ongoing agitation of Kashmiri Pandits and special package employees terming it as a human issue of urgent nature.
AAP leaders headed by MunishKaushikalongwith TS Tony and Muktesh Yogi visited the dharna site of KPs in Jammu and joined the protest demonstration extending full support to it.
Interacting with the protesting Kashmiri Pandits, AAP leader, MunishKaushik said that their issue is of human importance and above all political issues which should be taken on first priority by the government as it is concerned with the innocent human lives.

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