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AAP calls for checking rise in begging practice across Kashmir, human trafficking

Says govt should rehabilitate genuine helpless persons

Post by on Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 12: AamAadmi Party (AAP) on Friday called for initiatives to check rise in begging practice across Kashmir which could also be associated with human trafficking and also pressed for the need to rehabilitate and help genuine helpless persons.
Reyaz Majid of AAP held a press conference in Srinagar wherein he stated that rising menace of begging is a point of concern in entire valley with the number of beggars increase rapidly during festival season and it indicates an “organized mafia” that is operating behind this menace.
"We demand government to check this rising menace of begging in valley and to identify those who are running this mafia creating a social disorder," he said, adding that this begging menace could even be associated with human trafficking which is a grave human issue.
"Government should ensure that proper rehabilitation is ensured for all those helpless beggars who are left with no other option other than begging due to their family conditions," the AAP leader added.
Special package employees cornered with govt's highhandedness: AAP
 Jammu, Aug 12: AamAadmi Party (AAP) on Friday highlighted the plight of special package government employees who are striving hard for security of their lives due to the highhandedness of the Government which is busy beating drums of normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir which is otherwise far from reality.
A statement from the party said that the AamAadmi Party team headed by Adv. Sareen addressed a press conference in Jammu in which they castigated the BJP Government for issuing statements on security situations which are contrary to ground realities.
He said that one of the worst sufferers of highhandedness of Government are employees engaged under special packages in Kashmir who are on strike for more than 3 months but the government is hell bent on not even talking to them.
"The employees are not demanding anything off the planet but a safe and secure environment to serve and protection of their lives," AdvSareen said.
He further said that instead of establishing communication with these aggrieved employees, redressing their grievances and ensuring them a safe environment, which is basic responsibility of government, it is resorting to highhandedness that too of such an extent that two months’ salary of employees has been withheld pushing them to corner.
He said, "This all is happening and the government is failing to ensure and assure a safe environment to its employees when it is beating drums of fool-proof security arrangements in Jammu and Kashmir."
Adv. Sareen further mentioned that a non-local laborer has been shot at last night only which shows tall claims of Government of India regarding complete normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir are not completely true.
He added, "If the Government claims complete normalcy in J&K then it should restore statehood which is a basic demand of the population."

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