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99 percent people endorsed ban on donations in Waqf associated shrines: Dr.DarkhshanAndrabi

Post by on Wednesday, August 24, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 23: J&K Waqf Board chairperson, Dr.DarkhshanAndrabi Tuesday asserted that 99 percent of people endorsed the decision of banning donations on shrines across Jammu and Kashmir.
Speaking to reporters, Dr.DarkhshanAndrabi said that boxes meant for collection of donations inside shrines were remaining empty often as per reports, as few vested interested elements, having good say in the management of shrine, were plundering the amount of charity.
She said the J&K administration has taken a strong cognizance of this irregularity at religious places and took some key steps to contain the situation.
“We initiated a cleanliness drive a few days back after fetching reports from people and media that charity amounts are being looted in broad daylight by some vested interested elements. These shrines are pious for the masses but, unfortunately, their sanctity was disrespected by such ill-designed elements,” Dr.Darkhshan said.
She said the J&K Waqf Board, after receiving leads about undue use of charity and other donations being collected at shrines constituted a committee and took several steps for the overall welfare of these shrines.
She, however, expressed surprise over doing “dirty politics” on the cause by some regional political parties.
“Some political leaders have started to hoodwink people on the issue and doing dirty politics on it. This is not good. Devotees visit these shrines to purify their souls and get connected to the Creator. So doing politics on it is not only surprising but condemnable as well,” she said.
The J&K Waqf chairperson claimed that ban on collection of donations across the shrines is being welcomed by people as they want these institutions to be given respect in real sense.
About fare issue on Waqf properties, Dr.DarkhshanAndrabi said those who want to escape to pay reasonable fare will be taken to justice.
“We request those having custody of Waqf assets to evacuate shops and other properties if they are not in a position to pay an amount of fare,” she said.
She also said that the J&K Waqf Board will allot these properties to unemployed youth who are aspiring to earn their livelihood in a dignified way.

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