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7 ways to overcome negative thoughts
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7 ways to overcome negative thoughts

Post by on Saturday, July 10, 2021

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1. Acceptance- It is the best way to move on or get rid of thoughts that are disturbing you.
2. Maintain a thought journal- Write instead of thinking. Pen down your thoughts, its a way by which you vent out your feeling.
3. Meditate or do yoga- One of the most researching methods to deal with negative thinking is meditation, it calms your mind and makes you feel at ease.
4. Help someone- The habit of lending your hand to someone in need makes you feel happy from within, therefore, decreasing any effects of negativity.
5. Read Out Positive Quotes or Stories- By doing this you are feeding your brain with positivity and healthy information, this diminishes the effects any toxicity. 
6. Follow the Truth- Many a times negative thoughts are rooted from illogical beliefs, find if you have any and replace it with the truth.
7. Gratitude- Being able to practice gratitude is an art of its own, it offers peace and mindfulness. One of the nest ways to eradicate any negativity
Dr. Bhavna Barmi , 
PhD,  MPhil ( NIMHANS) 
Child and Clinical Psychologist, Relationship Therapist,
NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute
Founder of Happiness Studio New Delhi

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