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4 ways to get rid of negativity

Post by on Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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Being Mindful:

Mindfulness simply means awareness, a non-judgemental attitude about experience. Directing our lives according to facts not opinions whether from some outside source or the source within us.


It follows mindfulness always looking at what one has got in life material or immaterial instead of what one is aspiring for. Being gracious about everything in your life and mindfully recognizing them.


It follows gratitude, once we are gracious about things in our life, we feel contended and achieving the state of contentment is necessary to get rid of negativity.


Everyone has heard of benefits and virtues of patience; however, we barely talk about the way of patience. Patience cannot be thwarted on someone nor can anybody pretend to be patient. Patient is the result of being aware, having gratitude and contentment.

 Dr Yasir Hassan,

Professor Department of Psychiatry, IMHANS

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