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20 days on, Bandipora's Hakbara village without electricity

Post by on Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Bandipora, June 24 : Residents of Hakbara village in North Kashmir's Bandipora District have been without electricity from last seventeen days as locals expressed resentment over the power development department due to repeatedly malfunction of transformer. 
Mohd Aslam, a local told Rising Kashmir that the transformer has been defunct from last seventeen days and authorities are acting as mute spectators and are not taking any significant steps to redress the problem. 
Ten days ago the transformer was taken to be repaired but since then no employee has come nor has it been repaired and brought back, he said. 
"We are suffering immensely due to the non-availability of the electricity,” Abdul Hameed told Rising Kashmir adding the children are the worst sufferers as they are studying under candle light during the evening hours. 
 “We are unable to charge our mobile phones and get light during night hours,” the residents said adding that they have to visit the adjoining village to get their cell phones charged everyday.
 The people of the area said that they made repeated pleas to the senior functionaries of the PDD urging them to repair and subsequently install the transformer at an earliest. “However, our pleas have fell on deaf ears and the concerned authorities are indifferent to our grievances,” the locals said.
 The residents said that they had also urged the PDD officials to install a high capacity transformer in the area as the existing equipment was developing snags very frequently. “The authorities have also failed to fulfill this demand,” the locals added.
Mushtaq Ahmad, another local said that the PRIs of village hold 14FC funds for the 250KV transformer and also MP funds where released but unfortunately the Excutive officer of PDD Sub division sumbal didn't approved the tender. 
Assistant Executive Engineer, Mohd Maqbool told Rising Kashmir that the transform is developed snag not due to high load but because of the recent winds."The tenders have been issued in this regard and hopefully the new transformer will be installed within shortest possible time", he said. 

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