10 ways for women to stay healthy in winter:
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10 ways for women to stay healthy in winter:

Post by on Wednesday, November 10, 2021

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1.Healthy Diet or Food:
Eating a well-balanced diet as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to the boost immune system.
Physical activity is an important aspect to boost your immune system & keep one fit throughout the winter.
3.Skin Care:
Damaged skin is one of the perils of winter. Cold weather damages skin resulting in dry and itchy skin, chapped lips, and cracked heels. Skin care in winter is a must include moisturising, applying sun protection creams.
Drink required quantity of water daily as it helps to remove toxins, carry nutrients to the body cells and help balance body fluid.
A good amount of sleep helps to keep immune system healthy.
Maintain hygiene,wash hands to keep the bacteria and viruses to stop spread of diseases.
7.Checkup Your Health Regularly:
As cold weather triggers health problems like asthma, flu, sore throat, painful joints, and increased risk of heart attack. So have regular health checkups.
8.Quit Smoking:
Smoking makes individual susceptible to respiratory infections in winter hence one should quit smoking.
9.Vitamin D:
Go outdoor and soak in the warm sun, our body requires vitamin D - which is essential for maintaining health and immunity & mood.
Wear woollen clothes to keep you warm when you go out.
Dr Khalid Ur Rehman 
MD Physician, Medical Officer J&K Health Services

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